The Ultimate Staff.

It was like the Avengers coming together. We brought together an all-star staff, highly experienced in youth development, summer programming, and dedicated to building the best camp program ever.

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Last Year's Staff

Sarah Ando
Jason Fujii
Halle Fukawa
Nicola Furumoto
Gianna Furumoto
Hana Goto
Wyatt Hamabe
Erin Hayashida
Kate Higashi
Kayleen Hino
Michelle Hirano
Chris Hirata
Samantha Hirata
Philip Hirose
Della Hu
Nicholas Iijima
Craig Ishii
Steve Ishii
Joanne Ishii
Ryan Ishii
Max Kaito
Marisa Katsuda
Kayla Katsuda
Jill Katsuda
Brianna Katsuda
Eric Komatsu
Emiko Kranz
Jennifer Kuwabara
Catherine Lumintang
Kent Marume

Devon Matsumoto
Paul Matsushima
Jacie Matsuura
Katie Mitani
Casey Murase
Megan Nagasaki
Dylan Nishi
Rod Nishimura
Stephanie Nitahara
Ashley  Omiya
Chet Oshima
Nicole Oshima
Mariko Rooks
Brooke  Sasaki
Garrett Sasaki
Caitlyn  Sasaki
Kelly Sera
Scott Shima
Christopher Shintani
Andrew Takahashi
Bryan Takeda
Courtney Takeda
Teri Tanimoto
Dick Tanimoto
Ryan Togashi
Juliana Tom
Daniel  Yaguchi
Brianne Yasukochi
Grant Yasukochi
Juli Yoshinaga

Thank You!

Thank you to our  incredible staff that made our 2022 program such a success. Looking forward to seeing you at next year’s program!

Our Planning Committee

Michelle Hirano

Has a master of arts in teaching, and written curriculum for schools, camps, and non-profit programs. She has helped run summer camps for youth for the past 10 years.

Craig Ishii

20 years of experience working with thousands of Japanese American youth. Founder of Kizuna. Past SoCal Regional Director of JACL. Taiko instructor at Orange County Buddhist Church.

Marisa Katsuda

Inspired by 11 years of camp counseling and directing at youth summer camps and church camps, became a middle school math teacher for the last four years.

Eric Komatsu

Has over 8 years of youth development experience within the Japanese American Community serving as a camp counselor and youth basketball coach.

Emiko Kranz

Served in a variety of chair and president positions for youth-serving organizations. Completed a dual masters in Community Health Sciences and Asian American studies at UCLA.

Megan Nagasaki

8+ years of youth development experience across the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Stephanie Nitahara

Stephanie has over 15 years of experience working with Japanese American youth nationally and locally in the Chicagoland and greater Los Angeles regions. She served as the Pacific Southwest Regional Director, then Interim Executive Director of JACL, and Executive Director of Kizuna.

Kelly Sera

Is an elementary school teacher with 10 years of experience as a youth camp counselor and director. In 2017, she was crowned Miss Tomodachi and served as a cultural ambassador on the Nisei Week Court.

Scott Shima

Scott Shima has been involved with Japanese American summer camps since he was 18 years old in various capacities. He is now 30 and looks forward to bringing his life of experience to Yo! Camp this summer. See ya at camp!

Ryan Togashi

Ryan comes from 8+ years of youth development experience within the Japanese American Community. Like many, he started as a cabin counselor and ultimately worked his way up to serving as a summer camp director for multiple summer camps.

And Interns!

Kate Higashi

2nd Year, Cal Poly SLO

Ashley Omiya

2nd year, UCSD

Kalyn Wong

3rd year, UCLA

Ally Yamashita

3rd year, UCLA