Coming from Outside of Southern California?

Ready for an adventure in Southern California? We've partnered with community organizations across the country to facilitate group coordination and travel arrangements, making it easy for everyone to join the excitement.

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Two Options for Travel

Group Travel

Our regional partners are looking to provide group travel options, facilitating the journey for campers from their respective regions to Yo! Camp. In most instances, parents will only need to drop off their kids at a nearby regional hub for a hassle-free experience.

Travel on Your Own

Of course there's also the option to  make travel arrangements on your own. Many families use camp as a means to visit relatives in Southern California or just take a vacation while their kids are at camp.

Our Regional Partners

JASC has been serving families since it was founded in 1946 to help Japanese Americans and their children coming to Chicago after leaving the World War II incarceration camps. We offer a variety of cultural and educational programming for children of all ages and are excited to provide this opportunity for middle school students to experience a summer camp celebrating the Japanese American community.

The Mission of Sakura Foundation is to celebrate and share Japanese and Japanese American culture and heritage in order to promote a more compassionate, resilient, & equitable society. The Foundation is a Colorado 501(c)(3) organization which fulfills its mission through scholarships for graduating high school seniors, community grants, the Mirai Generations Leadership Program, Chibi no Gakko (K-8 Japanese cultural school), and a variety of entertaining and informational cultural events throughout the year.

The Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington (JCCCW) connects our past, present, and future. We cultivate Japanese language, culture, and community.

Interested in Attending?

Here's how it works:

Please register for the camp by following the link provided below. Once your payment is processed and your registration details are submitted, a representative from our regional partners will reach out to discuss your travel arrangements. They will offer assistance in coordinating group travel, should you wish to travel with others, or you can choose to make your own travel plans.

Airlines costs will be paid directly to your local partner organizations and are not included in the registration fee.

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