General Safety

Safety and wellness are our top priorities at camp. Diligent preparation has gone into medical, health, and safety protocols for our camp program.


Yo! Camp will have a medical staff of doctors and nurses available on-site 24/7. All medical staff will be licensed, familiar with the camp program & activities, and of course, are great when it comes to  working with campers.

Staff will have basic training in first-aid and CPR.

Allergies & Medication

Allergies and medication information will be collected when parents/guardians submit camper information through our camper information portal.

Medications will be managed and distributed by our medical staff. Camper allergies will be accommodated for during meal preparation and will be specifically noted by counselors and staff.


Camp registration is only open to fully-vaccinated (including a booster shot) individuals. Proof of vaccination will be required to complete the camper registration process. All staff and counselors are fully vaccinated.

Camp's on-site COVID protocols will follow stipulations and recommendations provided by the CDC and LAUSD.

Fire & Other Emergencies

Our camp location is only 30 minutes from the ocean. We will have a variety of protocols ready and practiced in the unlikely case of an emergency. During the week of camp, an emergency drill will be conducted as a live demonstration of the protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range for camp?

Ages 9-14 or entering 4th grade to entering 9th grade.

Can my child be in a cabin with a specific child or group?

Cabins will consist of 6-10 campers per cabin. You can make a request for one of those cabinmates to be a same-aged friend, teammate, or family member. The named individual must also reciprocally name your child as well. We'll send out a form prior to camp to registered families to accommodate these requests.

Why are only single requests being accommodated?

Truthfully, we tried accommodating unlimited group requests previously and it just didn’t work. Breaking down cliques, team building, and relationship development all became very difficult to accomplish. We’ve changed the rule for the betterment of camp.

Do you provide more information for parents closer to camp?

The month before camp, you'll be invited to a virtual parent orientation hosted by our camp leadership where we cover the nitty gritty details of camp. The recording and slides will be sent to parents following the session.

What are the drop off and pick up times for camp?

Drop Off: ~3:00pm on Sunday, July 2, 2023. Pick Up: ~10:30am on Sunday, July 10, 2023. Accommodations can be made if you need alternative drop off/pick up times.

What are the sleeping arrangement for campers?

Campers will sleep in individual cabins with bunk beds. Each cabin will be split by grade and gender into groups of 6-10 campers plus 1-2 counselors each.

Who is in charge of the medical team?

Camp will have an MD onsite with an additional medical staff consisting of qualified healthcare professionals to ensure our campers are safe and healthy.

What kind of food are you serving at camp?

Headed by an all-star Sansei kitchen staff, each day we’ll serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to 100+ campers and counselors. We’ll serve an eclectic array of American and Japanese American foods. Think 🌭 hot dogs, 🍔 hamburgers, and 🍕 pizzas on the American side. On the Japanese American side, think 🍛 curry rice, somen salad, 🐥 teriyaki chicken, and 🍜 yakisoba.

What trainings do your staff undergo?

CPR & first-aid - Counselors will be trained how to administer CPR as well as basic first-aid in cases of minor injuries. Training will also include medical protocols of when to refer issues to our medical staff.

Staff boundaries & reporting abuse - Counselors will be trained on best practices for exercising boundaries of affection regarding campers as well as protocols for spotting and reporting abuse.

Working with teens - We’ll provide the best tips and run through various scenarios for working with teens.

Positive values & leadership - Counselors are taught the importance of exercising leadership and positive values while at camp. This includes, but is not limited to building community, leading by example, and treating the campers as their top priority.

Additionally, we perform background checks on all staff members.

What is your electronics policy?

To best eliminate distraction and appreciate the spirit of Yo! Camp, the use of phones and other mobile devices (i.e., gaming consoles) is prohibited throughout the camp program. If you need to reach out to your camper during the week, parents will need to contact the Yo! Camp Operations Team first, who can connect you to your camper.

Can I send letters, postcards, and/or care packages to campers?

Yes! Letters and postcards - We suggest that you send a letter to your camper at least once during the week. For care packages - we limit this to one per week and we suggest you send through enough items for your kid's entire cabin.

Can I request a specific counselor for my child?

No. It would be impossible to accommodate multiple requests for a single counselor.

Have More Questions?

Email us at Happy to answer more of your questions.